There you are, muttering to yourself. “Life has to get better; better job, relationships, health or fitness, and/or better use of time.” You know that you want to change. You know that you need to change. But, have you figured out that YOU HAVE TO change? Remember that definition of insanity? Well, if you are still reading, it looks like you’re ready to shake off the insanity and make a change. Come with me and take 6 simple steps.

Step 1: Call Yourself Out

Have you listened to your own words lately? Have you watched your body postures? Where are you? Stuck in the hole you conveniently dug for yourself, with walls that you state are limiting you? Using the words ‘I’ll try, maybe, I don’t think, or if it.’ Everyone of those words are you putting a limit on yourself. Why? Well, we won’t go done that rabbit hole.

Instead, take action. No more excuses as to why you can’t, or how you aren’t worthy, or how it can’t be done. In fact, let’s get serious. On a piece of paper, write down all of the reasons you can come up with that are limiting you. (Yes, actually write them down.) Then, when the list is done, put it under your pillow tonight and dream on it. In the morning, write down any more that have come to you. Get going. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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