Change…Step 3

Step 3: Assess the Damage

Well, if you are here, I applaud you. You made a decision and are following through. How was it last night? When we pull the garbage out, we leave holes that make us feel uneasy, disconnected, and like something is missing. Well, yes, there are some things missing; the garbage that we decided needed to go. When I pull out garbage, I paint the holes to fill them with golden light/paint that heals and makes me whole again. I want you to do the same now. Concentrate and see within your mind’s eye the areas that feel lacking. With intention that you are working for the better, take a brush and visualize yourself painting them with golden paint/light and see them becoming better that they were before. Change is possible. A new you; a better you is possible, if you believe. When you have finished, revel in the wholeness of your new form. Do a happy dance celebrating the new you!

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