The Best Herbal Tonic for Wellness – part 1 of 3

There are many herbs available. But, how do you pick the right one. Maybe you just want to increase your health generally and want to do it naturally. But, which book has the answer. Well, herbs help us in many different ways and people usually think of herbs that treat certain ailments; much like the way we are prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. So, in that case, what is the best natural multi-vitamin?

Well, the answer isn’t in one herb; it is a trio of herbs; alfalfa, dandelion, and kelp. These herbs together make a great general blood builder and tonic for the body. Historically, they have been used together for anemia, endurance, energy, combatting fatigue, reducing leg cramps, pancreas, pituitary gland, senility, thyroid problems, and water retention. They have also been used historically during pregnancy.

To understand more, let’s look at each of the herbs. So we don’t get the herbs confused, we will look at each herb one at a time. Today, it is Alfalfa.

Alfalfa, as in alfalfa sprouts, are a fantastic food because they carry lots of trace minerals that your body needs. It also has your essential amino acids. Alfalfa can also be taken as capsules and tablets for other needs.

  • Alfalfa is rich in chlorophyll, protein, vitamin A, E, K, D, B6, and U, and minerals calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, chlorine, sodium, silicon, and magnesium. And it contains a moderate amount of B1, B2, and B12.
  • It is a blood builder, a blood purifier, and has been used as a natural blood thinner. It helps prevent cholesterol accumulation in the veins. Assists in lowering high blood pressure. The saponin properties work at the cellular level to assist in binding toxic elements like serum cholesterol, radioactive particles, and toxins to aid in the elimination of them from the blood and the body.
  • The alkaloid found in the leaves strengthens the nervous system.
  • It benefits the bladder, urinary tract, and the prostate.
  • For the digestive tract, it sweetens bad breath, improves the functioning of the colon, improves digestive disorders and treats nausea.
  • Alfalfa alone is a great kidney cleanser and assists diabetes and hypoglycemia.
  • It is great for improving your energy and endurance; loved by athletes.
  • Great for preventing and treating allergies and lessens flu symptoms.
  • It is rich in vitamin U for peptic ulcers.
  • It neutrilizes uric acid and eases inflammation and arthritis, bursitis, gout, and rheumatism symptoms.
  • Mild diuretic
  • Assists during pregnancy with morning sickness, strengthens the uterus, cleans the blood during toxemia, and assists with lactation during breast-feeding.

As you can see, alfalfa alone carries many attributes for the body.**

BTW, you can easily grow your own in a matter of days. That way, you will always have a fresh supply of one of nature’s fantastic gifts.

**Any information contained herein is for informational purposes only. See your doctor before taking anything for treatment of the body or health condition.

Next up: dandelion. Yes, I said dandelion; like the ones currently growing in your lawn…there really is a use for them! No, I wasn’t talking dandelion wine either. See you soon.

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