Matter v. Anti-Matter

Matter and Anti-Matter:

All things in this world of matter have a counterpart in the world of anti-matter. When we make changes in our world of matter, we must also clear the counterpart to erase all residue of the past. The quantum leap takes care of clearing the old anti-matter for you, if you allow your mind to be free, flow to the next point, and combine that with belief that it is possible. But, even with leaping, we strive for balance.

For balance, we have to dig deeper. All the stuff you own fills space, and takes a place in your daily life; either as a benefit to lift you up, or as an anchor to hold you down. After your quantum leap, to help you maintain and build your new life, clear the way physically by also letting go of the physical stuff/anchors that are trying to keep you in that past lifestyle. Make room to let the new reality settle in. Most times, this is clearing away physical objects. But, it can also mean clearing away people that hold you back. For clearing negative people, you can employ the technique of “firing” them. Cut the ties that are holding them to you and acting as the anchor on your life. You will fill your new life with new things and people that matter to you/uplift you. And then, the new anti-matter to drift into place and again create your balance in the new realm/new life of your dreams.

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