Bioscalar Health Technologies

3463 Hwy 21, Fort Mill, SC 29715


Leon Johnson (704) 361-6585, or JohnWinstead (704) 537-5621

Monday - Friday by appointment

If all of our energy patterns are balanced, we don’t have a health problem. Diseases are in reality just labels of symptoms of the body under stress and out of balance.

Quantum Physics deals with Subtle Energy Fields and the subatomic reality of the Spiritual part of ourselves. Everything is Energy at the subatomic Quantum level.

BioScalar Energy can influence, restore and balance our cellular energy patterns with life supporting nutritional energy of health and wellness. This technology does not deal with disease and has nothing to do with treating disease. It is not designed to diagnose, prevent, treat, take the place of drug treatment or cure any disease.

Your body is the healer. Your body has the incredible intelligence and ability to cure itself of any dysfunction if you give it what it’s designed to have.


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