Lemon – it’s a Wonder Food

There are several things in nature that are wonder foods; and lemon is one of them. It is a powerful health/wellness ingredient, a beauty aid, and a fantastic cleaning agent. Most times, ½ a fresh lemon is squeezed into a cup of water for assisting your health.

Lemon’s Natural, Wellness uses:

  • aids digestion and can reduce nausea
  • drinking lemon in your water regularly helps to make you more alkaline which helps strengthen your immune system and can help prevent illnesses and diseases like cancer
  • reduces high blood pressure and improves the functioning of the blood vessels
  • reduces dizziness
  • relieves breathing problems and helps those with asthma
  • reduces inflammation and helps arthritis and rheumatism
  • is a natural diuretic and expels toxins and bacteria
  • helps Meniere’s disease and ringing in the ears
  • increases the urinary citrate levels in the body and helps prevent the formation of kidney stones
  • relieves depression and helps alleviate stress
  • the scent is mood enhancing as well
  • is high in negative ions at the molecular level and increases energy
  • is high in vitamin C that combats colds and flu
  • is antiseptic in nature and can cure throat infections
  • great treatment for diptheria
  • is an antioxidant and reduces the accumulation of free radicals that are responsible for aging skin
  • purifies the blood
  • great for combatting and preventing gum disease and bleeding
  • freshens your breath
  • keep fruit from browning by dipping cut bananas and apples in lemon water
  • freshen up the smells on your cutting board by washing it in lemon water

Lemon’s Natural Cosmetic uses:

  • drops/dabbing of juice on the skin lightens age spots
  • used daily, it will kill warts
  • drops of lemon juice on a cut will flush out bacteria and help prevent infection
  • as an astringent, cleaning your face with lemon water will clear your complexion, or just dab it on the zits directly to reduce them
  • soak your fingernails in lemon water to clean and whiten them
  • create blond highlights by streaking or rinsing your hair with 1:4 lemon to water mixture, and let it dry in the sun (use daily for a week for maximum results)

Lemon’s Cleaning Uses:

  • wipe out your fridge and garbage container with lemon to freshen them
  • clean glass with lemon water
  • clean copper bottom pans
  • use the scent as a room deodorizer
  • freshen your humidifier by adding lemon juice to the water
  • the natural approach to repelling moths by taking a whole lemon, covering it with whole cloves, and hang it in your closet to slowly dry and smell the lovely scent
  • stains disappear by dabbing lemon juice on the stain and let it dry in the sun
  • add 1 cup of lemon water to the laundry to boost and brighten your clothes
  • natural cleaning solution: juice from 1 lemon, 1 lime, 1 cup of white vinegar, and 1-2 cups water (great for dissolving soap scum, cleaning away germs and mold, and preventing future build-up of germs and mold)


I hope that you now see lemons in a different way. If you like the benefits of lemon. But, maybe you don’t particularly like the taste, start by cutting a full slice of lemon and placing it sideways in a glass and then pour the water over it. The lemon flavoring is very light in the water and you will hardly taste it. But, you will get the benefits all the same. I have been using lemon for years and am now considering growing a lemon tree. There are some great ones now that can be grow in a container and brought in during the cold weather. Try it. I think you’ll like it!

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