It’s Time for Spring Cleaning

Usually, when we think of Spring Cleaning, it is all about applying some elbow grease to the house, garage, or yard. When I refer to Spring Cleaning, I am thinking body, mind, and soul. In the same manner as we clear out the cobwebs, organize the good stuff, and throw away the junk, we need to do the same on ourselves. In fact, we actually need to work on ourselves FIRST. Then, the rest becomes easier. What do I mean? Good question.

You accumulate “stuff” and carry it around and don’t even know it. You have ‘records’ in your head that dictate to you what you should be doing from day to day, and how you should perceive yourself and others. You get wrapped up in a negative fog that you probably inherited from someone around you; by some negative comment about you possibly? And, the next thing you know, you are seeing yourself in that same negative way. Really? That is not your reality baggage. And, you don’t have to keep it. Or, maybe you are around a person who has that ‘glass half empty’ kind of attitude; always seeing the negative side of life. Here again, that doesn’t have to be your baggage. However, if you continue to carry it around with you. Guess what? You just filled your mental garage with junk.

And, this expands out and affects your physical body too. Body image baggage only adds to the internal stress which increases the cortisol roaming around the body and fighting you in your efforts to lose weight. That negative attitude directly affects the organs and immune system in a negative manner weakening your body and its’ ability to fight off disease. Further, that negative, depressing fog only adds to your fight to ‘breathe’ while the allergens are fighting with you too. As it has been said so simply, “shake it off”!

So, how do you do it? Spring clean. I have a great recipe below. This mixture is good for heating the oil on an oil incense burner to clean up the air around you and inhaling the fragrance. It can be added to the bath for physically cleansing the body on the outside. And, it can even be used in a steam bath to rid the skin of the wastes and toxins that build up on the outside of your skin.

These herbs historically have been of great benefit to the respiratory system, clearing out mucus, opening air passages, and fighting infections. So, you can see why this can be of assistance during Spring Allergy Season.

Another use for the oil is during meditation. Prior to meditating, add a couple drops of oil to your wrists. Sit quietly, eyes closed. Breathe down to your toes, deeply several times to relax and focus your mind on the stillness. Then, start to visualize yourself pulling depression, negativity, and illness out of the body and releasing it down into the earth. Throw away that unwanted mental/spiritual baggage/junk. Along the way, you may even see people that are negative around you. Acknowledge them and let them go with love. You may have to do this several times to clear out all of the unwanted “stuff”. After this, you may feel a little incomplete. So, follow this with “painting”; as I refer to it. Visualize yourself taking a container of glistening, golden paint, and a paintbrush, and painting over the areas where you pulled out that negative junk. Once you finish, you will feel complete. Breathe down to your toes, deeply several times, to blend all of this glistening new energy with the rest of your being. Open your eyes. You are done.

Obviously, cleaning/cleansing can be done anytime you need to change your mental outlook or shake off that negativity that is trying to defeat you. It is a very powerful way to focus yourself and get to the true nature of you. Be all that you were meant to be.



½ tsp Anise

½ tsp Basil

1 tsp Peppermint

1 Tblsp Lemon Juice

½ c Olive Oil

Mix the ingredients in a pot and warm it on low heat until you can smell the herbs. Then, take it off of the heat and let it cool. Strain the herbs out of the cool oil for use. As an oil, it can be used on an oil incense burner for the fragrance. You can add it to your bath water. Or you can use it on your skin; since all of the ingredients are food grade. To understand a little more about the ingredients, read on.

Historically, Anise was used to aid in digestion, clears mucus from your air passages, for treatment of sinusitis, and combatting infection. Thus, it would be great during allergy season to prevent sinus infections.

Basil has been used for centuries to aid digestion, to treat respiratory ailments, headaches, fevers, nausea, and convulsions; not to mention hypertension.

Lemon is high in vitamin C and is a great astringent, which makes it great for combatting colds and treating sore throats. It also is good for promoting alkalinity which strengthens the ability of the immune system to fight off disease and infections. During allergy season, it is a benefit for the respiratory system.

Peppermint is high in vitamin A and B complex, as well as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. It aids in digestion. And it has been beneficial for chills, colds, fever, nightmares, and vomiting. As a result it would be great for cleansing the body; inside and out. Topically, natural soaps made with peppermint leave a fabulous tingling feeling over the skin.

Olive Oil has been used for as long as recorded time. It is excellent is cleansing the body inside and out. Internally, added to your regular diet, it will help eradicate that “poochy” fat just below your navel…when nothing else works. It also helps the gallbladder and liver to function better and can ward off gall stones. It is fabulous for your skin. And, externally, olive oil can be applied to your skin while in a steam room. Take a loofa with you to brush the skin and it will help destroy pesky fungal growths/warts/marks on your skin.

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