Is it Neverland or Everland?

Is it Neverland, or Everland?

If you recall, Neverland is that far off place that Peter Pan lived in and stayed perpetually young. That wasn’t the ‘proper place for good girls and boys. They needed to be in the real world and grow up to be proper adults and make their way in the world’; so the story goes…

We don’t refer to it as “Neverland”. But, all of us have a dreamspace and a dream life that we want to live. Growing up, the world taught you limits; of love, of life, of wealth, of knowledge, of your future, and of your happiness.  And, along the way your happiness and optimism was hidden with negativity and infused your Everland with an “N” and turned it into Neverland; the place that ‘proper girls and boys shouldn’t dare to go’. But, the real name of your dreamspace is Everland!

Everland is everything good in life and has no boundaries; except those you impose. You create the dreamspace and the life you want to live. Or maybe we should say the dreamspace in which you ‘wanted’ to live. Several times in my life I realized that I had totally lost sight of a dream that was very important to me once upon a time. It got clouded over and crowded out by my day to day living and details. What a shock it was when that moment occurred and I saw how much distance there was between myself and that dream of long ago. Have you had that happen? What did you do in that moment? Did you listen to the ‘noise’ around you and stay status quo? Were you told that it is impossible to reach that dreamspace of happiness and good fortune, from where you were, because you were in this life. And, great things can’t come your way; like great wealth, good health, close family, and ultimate happiness, because miracles don’t happen. You’re right. Miracles don’t happen TO you. You make the miracles FOR you. A miracle is simply taking a quantum leap from where you are now, skipping over the tedious slow steps and opening the seemingly impossible doors, and ultimately changing your old path by replacing it with a new one. A quantum leap only takes seconds. Just allow it to occur by opening your mind to the possibility. Allow yourself to “be” in the moment. You are amazing and entitled to the best life you can imagine. Your Everland awaits!

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