Happy May Day! Are you dancing around the Maypole? Or, hugging your box of tissues?

Spring is a great time to watch Nature at it’s finest; sprouts shooting up through the soil, flowers bursting open, and the trees greening out. But, if you are plagued by allergies, it can be a terrible time that sends you running inside and hiding from the pollen breezes. Doing anything outside becomes sheer torture as breathing is not optional.

So, what do you do? Well, there are many ads all around you telling you to take this medicine or that to handle your symptoms. Afterall, traditional medicine only knows how to treat the symptoms. But, it doesn’t cure you. And, some OTC medicines are contra-indicated for some conditions. So, what is the answer? The best answer is to go back to the eating basics, and back to nature’s medicine chest.

Eating regime needs changes. Get rid of the sodas and lattes, etc. and only drink water with lemon. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit; not fruit juices. Eliminate what I call the combination foods; it takes a recipe to create it. Any meat should be baked with a minimal amount of seasoning, and no breading. Fish, turkey, and chicken are better. Further, lose the extras, like butter, jellies, cheese, breadings, sugars (except honey), salt, and spices. Lastly, no white foods; white potatoes, bread, pasta, white rice, cereals (except steel cut oats). Once you clean up your eating, you will be fortifying your body instead of stressing it out with a lot of garbage. And, you may find you are eliminating some food allergy problems too.

While we are talking foods, there are a couple that help allergies. Alfalfa, as in alfalfa sprouts, are fantastic because they carry lots of trace minerals that your body needs. It also has your essential amino acids. And, alfalfa is a great blood and kidney cleanser. This addition alone will make great changes to your allergy problems. Another one comes from your neighborhood bees; honey and bee pollen. However, notice I said your neighborhood. Actually, if either comes from bees that live in your county, it will help you gradually build up a resistance to the allergen. Look for local honey, honeycomb, and possibly bee pollen. If you buy the bee pollen commercially, it will still give you many benefits even if it is from another state. It is especially good for hayfever. Parsley is also high in trace minerals, is a great diuretic, and reduces inflammation which also makes it great for hayfever. Last food is for your throat; onions. Onions, eaten raw, carry a large amount of vitamin C and can cure a sore throat after 1-2 meals. (Cooked onions won’t work.) Eat it on a sandwich or in a salad. That’s my choice. I pile them as high as I can. And, usually even the worst sore throat is gone by the second meal. Don’t worry about your breath smelling badly because your parsley will neutrilaize the smell.

But, with allergies we will have symptoms; sneezing, itchy watery eyes, coughing, scratchy throat, sinus congestion, and maybe even asthma. We have many herbs in nature that strengthen the body as they also alleviate different symptoms. Let me include a few of my favorites. Eyebright is great for itchy watery eyes. Itchy skin is soothed with burdock leaves used externally. Chickweed is another that is good for skin reations. Fenugreek is fabulous for the sinuses. And pleurisy root, comfrey, and mullein are great for the lungs and bronchials. Mullein tea is super for relieving lung problems and lessening asthma. Last, but not least, echinacea is a natural antibiotic, fantastic blood purifier, and lymphatic cleanser which will help to alleviate possible sinus infections.

For complete allergy care, include vitamins A, B complex, C, E, Pantothenic acid, and minerals Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, and Zinc. Amino acids to include are Histidine, Isoleucine, Tryptophan, and Tyrosine.

One final comment: Remember, no matter how many changes you make, if you let stress, worry, and fear dominate your life, you will be paddling your boat upstream because you will be tearing down your immune system at the same time as you are trying to build it up. So, make sure to address how you are handling your stressers, while creating a new you, and alleviating your allergies. Control them; instead of the allergies controlling you!


**Any information contained herein is for reading only and not meant to treat, or replace the care of a physician. Consult with your physician before making any changes.

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