Change…Step 2

Step 2: Haul Away the Garbage

Hi. You came back. Ok. So, did you make your list and check it twice?? LOL. (BTW, if you weren’t here yesterday, go back to yesterday’s entry, and start there. And, you late people, I’ll see you tomorrow. You’ll just be a day behind.) Ok, for those who are ready, let’s take your list and read it through one last time. Are there any reasons on the list that you can’t part with? That you can’t live without? (If there are, you need to work on the list and find the ‘other/real’ reasons that are limiting you, write them down, and repeat above process.) If not, it’s time to take out the trash. Hold the list in your right hand and visualize all of the feelings that are invested in those words, the time you have invested in holding on to those words. And realize the shield of fear that you created with those limiting words. Once you are set, go to a safe spot, and burn the list. Be sure that the entire list is burned and bury the ashes in the ground. One last thing to do. As you do all of this, see the ties to these words dissolve away. Feel the freedom that it gives you to release the garbage you have been carrying for too long. Finish the day with a shower to rinse the final dredges down the drain. You are done. See you tomorrow.

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