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Did you think that, in your lifetime, you could become a cyborg? Well, tech tats may take us there. This is a fabulous glimpse into what is on the horizon. Although, I always stand on the keep-it-natural side, I am in favor of getting these out into practice ASAP. This… Read more »

There are so many foods and beverages today that we eat and drink because they are there, and a commercial told us we would like it. We try it. It didn’t kill us today. Gee, it tastes good. So, it must be that bad. Right? Wrong. This clip shows the… Read more »

This video is really fantastic. Dr Fuhrman, MD has made it his mission in life to live a vegetarian lifestyle and show through research the benefits that can be gained by adding more vegetables to your diet. In this video, Dr Fuhrman makes it easy to incorporate a few good… Read more »