Herbal Remedies

The best natural, herbal multi-vitamin? Well, the answer isn’t in one herb; it is a trio of herbs; alfalfa, dandelion, and kelp. These herbs together make a great general blood builder and tonic for the body. Historically, they have been used together for anemia, endurance, energy, combatting fatigue, reducing leg… Read more »

The Best Herbal Tonic for Wellness – part 1 of 3

There are many herbs available. But, how do you pick the right one. Maybe you just want to increase your health generally and want to do it naturally. But, which book has the answer. Well, herbs help us in many different ways and people usually think of herbs that treat… Read more »

There are several things in nature that are wonder foods; and lemon is one of them. It is a powerful health/wellness ingredient, a beauty aid, and a fantastic cleaning agent. Most times, ½ a fresh lemon is squeezed into a cup of water for assisting your health. Lemon’s Natural, Wellness… Read more »

Spring is a great time to watch Nature at it’s finest; sprouts shooting up through the soil, flowers bursting open, and the trees greening out. But, if you are plagued by allergies, it can be a terrible time that sends you running inside and hiding from the pollen breezes. Doing… Read more »

Your liver is on the right side of your body and just behind the lower ribs. You only have 1. And it is reportedly responsible for and/or a part of over 500 different functions in the body. So, basically, what does the liver do? It metabolizes carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins… Read more »