When we interact with the world, there is stress. It can be a good thing if it motivates us to be successful. However, it is a bad thing when it overwhelms us.  So, management of your reactions to your world becomes crucial because chronic stress puts your health at risk…. Read more »

Your liver is on the right side of your body and just behind the lower ribs. You only have 1. And it is reportedly responsible for and/or a part of over 500 different functions in the body. So, basically, what does the liver do? It metabolizes carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins… Read more »

Anyone who has suffered with migraines know how relentless the pain and symptoms seem; to the point of debilitating you. Some have found relief from pharmaceutical medicines. However, the medicines either knock you out and you are sleeping life away. Or they make it hard to function. I personally have… Read more »

Usually, when we think of Spring Cleaning, it is all about applying some elbow grease to the house, garage, or yard. When I refer to Spring Cleaning, I am thinking body, mind, and soul. In the same manner as we clear out the cobwebs, organize the good stuff, and throw… Read more »

Did you think that, in your lifetime, you could become a cyborg? Well, tech tats may take us there. This is a fabulous glimpse into what is on the horizon. Although, I always stand on the keep-it-natural side, I am in favor of getting these out into practice ASAP. This… Read more »