There you are, muttering to yourself. “Life has to get better; better job, relationships, health or fitness, and/or better use of time.” You know that you want to change. You know that you need to change. But, have you figured out that YOU HAVE TO change? Remember that definition of… Read more »

Matter and Anti-Matter: All things in this world of matter have a counterpart in the world of anti-matter. When we make changes in our world of matter, we must also clear the counterpart to erase all residue of the past. The quantum leap takes care of clearing the old anti-matter… Read more »

Is it Neverland, or Everland? If you recall, Neverland is that far off place that Peter Pan lived in and stayed perpetually young. That wasn’t the ‘proper place for good girls and boys. They needed to be in the real world and grow up to be proper adults and make… Read more »

Ready for a Miracle?

Miracles don’t just happen in your life. You make the miracles in your life!


We get too wrapped up in ‘following’ our destiny…when we actually should be ‘creating’ our destiny. BTW, it is never too late to start 😉